Ever wondered how you could do that? Here’s a simple trick on how to read Whatsapp messages without the sender knowing you ‘ve read it.

gone are those days when someone will send you message on whatsapp and you read or not sender’s will not know cos of only 1 mark then [∨]

these days,when someone sent you msg on whatsapp,immediately you click on it to read,the sender will be aware of such in the sense that those 2 marks will immediately turned to green like this [∨∨]

buh now,you can do so and the sender will still in dark that you ve not read his/her message


• When you receive a WhatsApp message DO NOT OPEN IT, instead head to settings and turn on Airplane mode.

• Tap on the WhatsApp icon and read the message.

• Now close the app fully (Apple users can double tap on the home button then swipe up on the WhatsApp window, while Android owners can tap the multitask button and swipe the app to the left).

• Head back to your settings and switch Airplane Mode off.

Your mates will never know you’ve read their message.

you can also watch the video click here


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