How to improve your Android phone camera 🎥

Autofocusing your pictures make them look cooler and better…I took a pic and made it my wallpaper…most people thought I downloaded it from the net.Its quite easy but you just have to be precise.

+ It doesn’t matter if your device has 2 megapixel you can still autofocus your pictures.

How To;

**Go to your camera, then click on your camera settings and switch off any feature that was applied by you or check for the restore default icon and click it….i.e touch capture,smile shot,face beauty all these should be off….you should also switch off your flash.

**Now For The Fun Part….look for two objects with different colours…

**put one behind the other…

**now move your camera close to the first object but let the second one still show on your screen)….

**.while on it click the first object on ur screen…you’ll notice that the object behind has become blurry…..Then capture Immediately.

you can keep practicing with different objects to get better auto focused pictures.




Seeing is believing


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