Salman Abdulmalik Abiola for President


Great Nigerian Students!!!
Dear Elgasites, how are you doing?


, a pragmatic and committed comrade from the Premier University, University of Ibadan. I am a dynamic and responsible comrade with great knowledge and skills in area of administration especially that which deals management of both human and material resources. I have served at different capacities in various organizations with unblemished track records which includes serving as a two-term executive member at the level of ELGASA National Body. My dedication and commitment to service and ideals of the association made me to be awarded the Best Executive member in the year 2014. I have also served in various committees among which is the planning committee for the recently concluded ELGASA Week where I served as the chairman.
This piece is specifically for you to show how unique your are in taking ELGASA a step forward in the POSITIVELY PROGRESSIVE DIRECTION. Thus, I formally present myself as a humble administrator who is willing and ready to contest for the position of the PRESIDENT in the forthcoming ELGASA election.

My Vision Statements:
To build an association that will be able to represent and protect the interest and integrity of her members at all time.
To ensure an association that will serve as watchdog and adviser for our political office holders to ensure the fulfilment of their campaign promises for the people.
To ensure a formidable association that will be a key agent of change, unity, progress and development in Ejigbo local government.
To build an association that will be able to compete favourably with other local government areas in Osun State and Nigeria at large.

My Mission Statements:
To rebuild the legacies of our founding fathers; excellence, collectivism, progress, unity and development.
To create a sense of commitment and participation in elgasites through laudable programs.
To create an enduring platform for females to participate actively in ELGASA activities.
To serve as an exemplary leader who is worthy of emulation by both present and coming generations of elgasites.

Fellow comrades, election is about choices; our choices must be one that will bring quality leadership to ELGASA. It is our decisions not our conditions that truly shape the quality of our life. I cannot do it alone ,  but with your support we can move mountains.
For a better and formidable ELGASA , support and elect a charismatic leader, an experienced comrade, a tested and trusted administrator, a competent and committed fellow, Comrade SALMAN ABDULMALIK ABIOLA (a.k.a EDUCATOR) as PRESIDENT, ELGASA NATIONAL BODY 2016.
Thanks in high esteem as we collectively rebuild this association.


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