Afolabi Albert Owolabi for President


Sometime in her first decade after Nigeria’s post independence struggle, when the reeling brain of Chief Obafemi Awolowo went running positively riot in search of world class developmental projects, from the returns of the hard ploughed earth farm produce of which cocoa is the leading yield, the then University of Ife now Obafemi Awolowo University came into fruition.
Widely and famously regarded as Africa’s most finest University and rapidly waxing from strength to strength till date.

Meanwhile, in her infantry stage of training and equipping hundrends of global leaders, little did anyone suspect that a scion of Ejigbo Local Government Area was a part of the breed whose gumption of conceiving a unified student’s body, made up of his collegue intellectual soldiers within the stretch of the University.

In delight, the master combination of academic dexterity married with social, moral, cultural and economic inclination gave birth to Ejigbo Local Governmnet Area Students Association brilliantly acronym to excite the ear drums called ELGASA, which in a long voyage of intellectual intercourse consequently made late Mr. Wale Adesanya, of blessed memory got impregnated with the idea of giving to us a vibrant students association which had been successfully achieving it aims and objectives in the past years, currently growing healthier from numerous achievement’s and will ever remain steadfast towards the vision of his forebearers.
Perhaps, like many other initiatives and inventions it is not meant to be selfishly secluded to the pioneer and his immediate environment but generously extended to many as possible to benefit from.

Today, ELGASA is powerfully existing in over 20 higher institutions of learning and having her mother body headquarter stationed in the grandest capital of ELGA.
ELGASA is no doubt a principal contributor to the numerous developmental achievementof our dear LGA, having produced reasonable number of influential crème de la crème within Nigeria and Africa at large and still grooming titanic heros/heroines from the diverse skills offered to us either through followership or leadership position in the association.

Inter-alia, ELGASA has proven it worth as a progressive democrat in electing her leaders through formal plebiscite of the popular majority of her members devoid of bias, partiality, sectionalism, marginalization and religious intolerance and so given given a fair hand in the leadership of the National Body from different institution.
To refresh our minds and reflecting back to the early years of the new millennium, we would recall that the activities of ELGASA was brought to a temporary halt, due to circumstances that cannot be shod-off or presumably rarely accepted to befall student union like ours. To the panic of many the good dream come true of late Wale Adesanya was glaringly tearing and falling apart. Hopes were dashed, focus come to a stand still and fear shivering echoeing out all is lost.

Valiantly!, Comr. Iskay aroused the consciousness, picked up and dust himself up to revive ELGASA through his transition led government. Thumps up to Big brother Iskay!
Following gallantly!, another OAU comrade continued from there, he also rose to the challenge of picking up the broken pieces, working with other Comrades, giving to themselves a ray of encouragement that Yes we can!, and to reality they did. He helped championed the course revitalizating ELGASA and giving her a rebirth on a solid foundation which late Mr. Wale Adewale started from the same school. Maybe you care to know, his laudable achievement during his tenure prompted many to tip him for the tickect of the next member of Osun State House of Assembly, Ejigbo Constituency. Shout to Barrister Jimoh Abiola!

Hitherto, many significant remarkable, has been recorded by successful Presidents on the template of a new rebirth after bro. Iskay and reinforced by Barrister Jimoh Abiola’s tenure.
Interestingly, many OAU representatives in the National Body arguably denote a unique personality. They stand and prove themselves efficient, pro-actively resourceful and productive.
This is no clue than the source of inheritance of the big ideas, dreams, vision and goals of ELGASA. Once you are a registered student of OAU, the heritage blood of ELGASA automatically runs in your tiny veins and of course we know it, work towards it and achieve heights in ELGASA.
Mind you, no one is insinuating that OAU students are the “only and only” the best candidate for the ELGASA business. But, after eight when OAU produced the President last, a courageous, intelligent and a Super-articulate Comrade like my humble self “Afolabi Albert Owolabi a.k.a. Afenifere



” should be trusted with the mandate of 2016 to trigger the positive goals of ELGASA, in the second phase of the decade in this millennium.
Sagaciously, you are not confused to support me “Albert” for 2016 at the level of ELGASA National Body based on the argument that OAU have ruled for long, but you are being convinced logically to do the just by critically accessing the better man for the job. This should not be judged on first come first serve basis or ooh! An aspirant has been clamouring and preaching to be the President for so long or eyaah! Sympathizing for an aspirant who has been sending well-wishing texts on different occasions and so on.

Logically, let us all be of a strict decision to support and vote for a credible candidate who is a doer, maker and a creative achiever of things.

Like late Mr. Wale Adesanya conceived  ELGASA
Like Barrister Jimoh Abiola helped revived ELGASA
Like Afolabi Albert will propellingly skyrocket ELGASA…………..

Support Afolabi Albert@ELGASA2016

Kahaba peace be unto you and Calvary greetings to you.

Aluta Continua Victoria Ascerta

Afolabi Albert


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